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Acupuncturist in Brisbane, Brisbane acupuncture, best acupuncturist in BrisbaneThe Fertility & Pregnancy Acupuncture Clinic is centrally located in Spring Hill, Brisbane. As you can tell by the name the main focus of our clinic is for those who are trying to fall pregnant and who are already pregnant. Acupuncture is known to treat a whole range of disorders (1). Many people ask how acupuncture works and a simple explanation is that we insert fine sterilised needles in certain points of the body to clear blockages and allow your energy to flow smoothly. Through questioning and observation we determine where it is that your body is not flowing as smoothly as it could and try to return it to its normal balance.

Our fertility clientele include women who have ceased using contraception and are now wanting to regulate their periods in order to optimise their chances of falling pregnant quickly when they do start trying for a baby to those trying naturally, women who need some assistance to identify when or if they are ovulating to increase their chances of success, those just starting to embark on their fertility treatment journey right through to those women who are well and truly into there IVF journey.

Our pregnant clientele include women who are pregnant for the first time and want to remain healthy and well through-out their pregnancy, women who have had previous or recurrent miscarriages, and those experiencing some of the common pregnancy concerns, such as morning sickness, hip or back pain, varicose veins, feeling stressed or anxious, wanting pre-birth acupuncture, or those overdue and wanting their babies out now.



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