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Induction of Labour using Acupuncture

Acupuncture to induce labour, induce labour with acupuncture, avoid medical inductionThe Fertility and Pregnancy Acupuncture Clinic in Brisbane have many women who are wanting to use acupuncture to naturally induce labour. Most Brisbane women are keen to avoid a medical induction of labour and acupuncture can be a very effective method to assist your body to labour without intervention. There is no strong evidence into acupuncture for natural induction. However, in our experience, women who attend weekly pre-birth acupuncture treatments from 36 weeks are less likely to require medical induction. If your baby is already overdue, acupuncture may still encourage your body to go into labour itself.

Treatments are individually tailored to the women and will include points to build the energy required for the birth of a baby, soften the cervix, gently promote the release of oxytocin to stimulate contractions, encourage the baby to turn into the best possible position for birth and, finally, reduce the stress and anxiety which can be associated with an imminent arrival of a new baby!

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