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My story

Lots of people ask me how this clinic came to be. So I’ve had a think about and if you’d like to know the story keep reading.

I think it all began with never really knowing what I wanted to do when I was at school. So at 17 years of age, I fell into a horticultural course for a little while but it wasn’t really for me. Without knowing what to do I took a job at the tourist resort on Heron Island and the travelling bug really bit!

The next thing I remember is 3 years later. It’s summer and I’m sitting in my mum’s hot living room in suburban Brisbane and we were talking about how I could work and travel but not be a cleaner/kitchen hand/waitress etc. And it was decided the best way I could do that was as a nurse (just like my mum) and off I went to Townsville to become one. When I finished I worked around Queensland and the Northern Territory and ended up in Perth enrolled in a midwifery course with the idea that this would open up more opportunities for me. Once that one was finished, off I went travelling again and after a while found myself working as a midwife in New Zealand.

When I was there I had a group of friends of which half of us worked in the hospital and the others were osteopaths, physio’s etc and they worked in their own or others’ private clinics. As you can probably guess that second groups’ lifestyle looked pretty good to me, no night shifts, no rosters, no working Christmas! So a plan was hatched, I decided acupuncture was my next career choice and back to Australia I came. I had never intended on staying in Brisbane but after a long trip through Asia, the thought of packing my belongings again to head to Melbourne was just too much and I enrolled in a course here instead.

For the next 4 years I studied acupuncture and worked as a midwife at the RBWH and the Mater Mothers Hospital. I then went to work in an acupuncture clinic, which shortly after I joined, rebranded itself as a natural fertility clinic. My friends will testify that I was determined to be a general acupuncturist. But, as sometimes happens, I was wrong and, of course, as a midwife you can guess who my primary clientele was. So I accepted my fate and luckily I discovered that, as well as pregnancy, fertility was very, very interesting to me. So I thought I best study again (there’s a common theme here) and two years later a Masters in Reproductive Medicine was in my hands.

Finally it felt like it was the right time to fulfil my dream to have my own business and The Fertility and Pregnancy Acupuncture Clinic was born. My aim for this clinic is to provide quality complementary health care to those who are wanting to have a baby or those with one already on board. It started as just me and gradually over the years other acupuncturists have joined the team. I had my own baby in 2016 as a 39 year old. And as everyone asks, no I didn’t use fertility treatment to conceive her.

One of the many things I’ve learnt from working in the Western health model is that just because you come into a hospital with a problem it can’t always be fixed. We can try to stop a premature labour and maybe the medication will work for a while, we can try to prevent an infection if your waters break early, and we can give you crutches when you can’t walk anymore due to the pain. I could go on and on with how we’ll try to help but generally we’re just playing catch-up and once things have started to go wrong it’s very hard to stop it. I think it’s such a big thing to have a baby, to bring another life into this world and I really, really believe if we’re going to do that we should be doing everything we can to be as healthy as possible both before conception and during a pregnancy. And that’s ultimately what we do here at the clinic, to help you to identify where changes could be made, help you make them and then to keep you in the best shape possible.

I’m a realists though, and I know that not everyone who walks through my door will achieve the outcome they’re after as not everyone is going to have the baby or the birth they dreamed of. But I promise I’ll do my best for you and, with your help, try to make your journey as smooth as possible and you more resilient along the way. The clinic was designed with a lot of thought so that it’s calm, welcoming, and with a supportive environment to inspire you to be able to make the changes you need to achieve your desired health and lifestyle goals.

So that’s my story, please come and tell me yours and let’s see if together we can make it the one you’re after!