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Pre-birth Acupuncture

Natural ways to prepare for birth, natural ways to prepare for labour, acupuncture for labour, acupuncture for birth, birth acupuncture, labour acupunctureThe Fertility & Pregnancy Acupuncture Clinic in Brisbane’s CBD have many clients who are hoping to avoid a medical induction of labour. Pre-birth acupunture ideally begins at 35-36 weeks and aims to prepare your body for a positive, enjoyable and timely birth. These treatments are based on your individual requirements and may build and maintain the energy and stamina you’ll require to efficiently birth your baby, encourage your baby to turn into the best position for birth, soften the cervix and gently encourage your body to produce its own oxytocin to stimulate contractions. All of this may lessen your need for a medical induction of labour due to an overdue baby.

Sometimes women cannot avoid a medical induction due to a medical condition or some other factor. These treatments aim to support your body to have an efficient labour even if some intervention is required before you are able to labour spontaneously. Click here for more information on natural ways to induce labour.