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What is your cancellation policy?

The Fertility & Pregnancy Acupuncture Clinic aims to deliver a professional and timely service and to facilitate this, has a 24 hour cancellation policy. If an appointment is cancelled on the day of the treatment you will be charged half the cost of that appointment.

We understand that emergencies occur, babies are born, embryos don’t survive and we would never implement the policy for those reasons but just forgetting or allowing your own work to get in the way of your appointments makes running an efficient clinic very difficult.

To minimise problems you will receive a text message a day or two before your scheduled appointment as a reminder but please cancel earlier if possible so someone else can utilise that appointment time (if you have booked the appointment the day before we will not send a text message).

If you are someone who is always unsure of if you will be able to make appointments, please just call us on the day you require an appointment and if possible we will see you.

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