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Sesame & Sunflower Crispbread

We love to think of food as medicine here at the clinic. Seeds can be be a great way of both increasing fibre intake and regulating hormones. Seeds are abundant in lignans which can assist the body to stabilise hormones. … Continue reading

Simple Overnight Oats and Chia Porridge Recipe

At the Fertility and Pregnancy Acupuncture Clinic, we recommend eating a high protein breakfast for many reasons. Apart from protein keeping you fuller for longer, a high protein diet regulates blood sugar levels throughout the day for fertility. Megan uses … Continue reading

Natural ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy

Back pain is very common in pregnancy with approximately 50 to 75% of pregnant women experiencing it at some stage. It can occur during any stage of your pregnancy, including the first, second or third trimester. Causes There are several … Continue reading

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