What is acupuncture?


Many people ask what acupuncture is and how it works. A simple explanation is that very fine, single-use, sterilized needles are gently inserted into certain points in your body to initiate a response from your central nervous system. Acupuncture needles are then left in for 20-30 minutes and you can relax on the massage table whilst the acupuncture takes effect. Some clients fall asleep whilst others meditate or listen to the music. The points are chosen according to your Chinese medicine diagnosis which I determine through questioning and observation at the beginning of each session.

Acupuncture is regulated in Australia by APHRA. To be registered practitioners are required to have completed a 4 year degree which includes 100’s of hours of clinical supervision. Our profession was registered in 2012 by APHRA because of the risks acupuncture or needling can have when it is being administered by an unqualified practitioner. I have numerous qualifications (detailed on the practitioner page) and am a registered practitioner who will strive to ensure a comfortable acupuncture experience.

There are many reasons people come to our clinic. Due to advertising regulations we are unable to list those reasons so please call us if you have heard that we may be able to help you and we can discuss your individual requirements.