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Georgie Smith Acupuncturist


Georgie Smith – Brisbane Pregnancy Acupuncturist


My name is Georgie Smith and I am the owner of The Fertility and Pregnancy Acupuncture Clinic. I am an acupuncturist with extensive experience in the fields of fertility and pregnancy having previously been a registered nurse and midwife.


This has provided me with a unique understanding of the journey toward parenthood, from the tiny beginnings, throughout the ups and downs of pregnancy, and ultimately towards the miracle of birth. You can have the upmost trust in my ability to discuss, address and meet your needs, whatever the stage of your journey.


I initially trained and worked as a nurse, gaining varied and diverse understanding and practical experience of the medical world. I then extended and refined my skills by studying midwifery in 2002 and was a practicing midwife in busy hospitals for over a decade. 


Because of my love and passion for natural medicine I undertook a four year Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Acupuncture at the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine. Since becoming an acupuncturist in 2010, I have focused in fertility and pregnancy treatment. I have also ventured into the world of IVF and possess an excellent understanding of these treatments. I have ensured that my knowledge and skills remain at the cutting edge of research and practice by continuing to study and have completed my Masters in Reproductive Medicine in 2013.


With acupuncture being a registered profession we are required to complete at least 20 hours of professional development each year. I use mine to further my knowledge of fertility, pregnancy and menopause from both the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine perspectives. 


I had my own daughter in 2016 and currently work hours which can accommodate both my own needs as a family and those of my clients. Please check my availability on my Contact Page. I am a huge believer in work/life balance which you will see reflected in these hours. On my personal front I now navigate co-parenting my daughter with her dad. In my spare time I love cooking, spending time with my dogs and playing in the garden.


I know life isn’t a fairytale and doesn’t always go to plan but I also know we come out the other side of what life throws at us as a slightly different but more educated version of ourselves. I would love to help you on your path if you think that would be useful to you.



  • Bachelor of Nursing Science (1999)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Midwifery (2003)
  • Diploma of Acupuncture (2009)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) (2010)
  • Masters of Reproductive Medicine (2013)